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Dates to remember

9 unmissable events

1 Herbal Remedies and Natural Products Fair
Tuixent / Last Sunday of May
In this fair the people of Tuixent recreate the traditional role of the trementinaires, a healing tradition of the women of the Tuixen valley from the end of the 19th century to the 1980s. The women collected herbs and remedies such as the resin from pine trees, prepared natural medicines and then went out on foot to visit the large houses and sell their products.

2 Medieval Festival of the Canons
La Seu d'Urgell / 1st weekend in June
The historic city centre is transformed into a giant stage and you are taken bakc in time to enjoy the magic through music and street performances; the colours of the clothers, the processions; the smells, tastes and sounds and the warmth of the local people recreate the medieval world.

3 Showing of Pireneen Film shorts PICURT
Artedó / Last weekend of June /
Don't miss this fascinating festival of cinema shorts from the Pyrenees which reaffirms the cultural identity of this rural world with a showing of the best mountain films.

4 Gathering of Accordionists from the Pyrenees
Arsèguel / Last weekend of July
Over several days the streets, squares and hidden corners of Arsèguel are filled with the sound of accordion music. Situated at the foot of the Cadí, the best festival of diatonic accordions in Europe, brings together accordionists from all over the Pyrenees and Europe and the Americas. The best performers come back year after year to play, sing and dance into the small hours of the morning.

5 Courses at the Summer School of Lleida
La Seu d'Urgell / July /
Sign up to courses and workshops with many different themes which year after year deal with the social questions and new ideas of the 21st century.

6 International Music Festival Joan Brudieu
La Seu d'Urgell / July and August /
During your stay why not enjoy this cycle of classical music concerts which form part of the heritage of the city.

7 Saint Ermengol Medieval Show
La Seu d'Urgell / 1st half of August /
Relive the grandeur of the Medieval Age with this fantastic music and light show. In the beautiful Romanic cloisters of the cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell, the performance evokes moments from the life of Saint Ermengol, bishop of Urgell.

8 Saint Ermengol Fair. Cheeses and Artesan products from the Pyrenees
La Seu d'Urgell / 3rd weekend of October
This Fair brings together in one space the best cheese makers in all the Pyrenees, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Visitors can taste and try cheeses made in the Pyrenees areas of Catalunya, Aragon, Navarra, Basque country and France.

9 The Hispanic-Breton Horse Festival
Puigcerdà / 1st weekend of November
The Hispano-Breton horse-fair brings together the best horses in the area. On the Saturday of the fair there is a famous horse race.