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thermal water - faq's

What is a thermal spa?


A thermal spa is a therapeutic institution combining three elements:

  • Medicinal mineral waters that have been approved for public use
  • Adequate facilities allowing spa treatments to be properly applied
  • A medical and auxiliary team who ensure that each client can make best use of the facilities


    Origin of the hot springs


    Rainwater soaks through permeable soil or enters through a fault in the rocks and eventually reaches an underground stream. On its journey the water comes into contact with minerals which enrich and change its composition. When this groundwater reaches an impermeable rock it rises again to the surface and is discharged through a spring or a welling up in areas where there is a fault.



    Thermal and Medicinal mineral waters


    The temperature of rock increases the deeper in the ground it is, at an average of one degree every thirty metres. When the waters reach abnormally high temperatures they are known as thermal waters. When they have properties which, when properly applied, can make them curative or palliative, they are called medicinal waters.



    Characteristics of the Sant Vicenç medicinal mineral water

    It is alkaline and sulphurated hypotonic thermal water with a very low mineral level, emerging from the ground at 40 degrees centigrade.

    Its main components are ( in mg/l):

    Sodium (52,0)

    Silica (50,90)

    Sulphate (28,8)

    Bicarbonate (25,3).


    What is the hydropinic cure?


    It is a cure involving the ingestion of medicinal mineral water for a variable period of time in precise quantities at a specific rate.

    Contraindications of thermal water

    Low blood pressure

    Varicose veins

    De-compensated heart disease


    Therapeutic applications

    Thermal water in spa baths increases blood circulation and opens the pores, encouraging the expulsion of toxins and relaxing the muscles.


    Muscle tensions and stiffness, general toxicity, muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, psoriasis, eczema, stress, insomnia.

    Why does the thermal water smell?

    The smell is caused by the chemical composition of the water which, in order to retain its properties, is not treated.

    Sulphurated water's reaction with silver

    Sulphurated water tarnishes silver due to a reaction caused by its chemical composition. Remove your silver jewellery before taking a shower or having a bath. Remember that the hot water throughout the hotel is thermal water. Tarnished silver can be cleaned with a special product available at reception.





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    Bathe without using the hydromassage